Friday, June 24, 2011

Moar H!P stuff and Pirate ship~

I received more stuff this past week. REJOICE!

H!P related:
- Mini Moni albums 1 and 2 (includes badges with album 1 and a poster for album 2)
- W albums 1 and 2 (3 cards with album 2)
- 2 C-ute singles (DVD jacket making of with Forever Love)
- Muten Musume Single (includes photobook)
- Buono's first single

Non-Lego branded Pirate Ship 'Adventure':

590 pieces of the pirate ship. AHOY~!

Here are the crewmates of the pirate ship

Here it is completed

Here are my two ships side-by-side

Tah-tah for now~!
- GeN

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Momusu + Lego + Ponies! yay

What can i say? GeN has more stuff agains XD

Details about the stuff:
- momusu pop-up card
- momusu scroll photobook (and its' box container)
- W jigsaw
- Risa Niigaki's first PB

More Momusu stuff:
- Only You regular and Version C
- Only You poster that came with single
- MM all PVs DVD
- W - Ai no Imi o Oshiete! single V

Now here's some non-momusu stuff

Persona 3 and 4 silk posters:

Persona 3 Portable:
P3P Details:
- Box woot
- Game case and game umd woot
- Hard cover art book woot
- 6 character cards woot
- A3 size poster woot

Persona 3 Portable fanbook and Persona 4 design works art book:

Lego Pirates 1995 Skull Island:

Lego Pirates 1996 Red Beard Runner Pirate Ship:

Skull Island and Pirate Ship

My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic figurines:


- GeN

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Collection YAYZ~!

GeN was working on collecting every MM single and album for a few months now. Yesterday, the last of the deliveries lead me to finally finishing my cd collection. REJOICE! I HAVE PICS!

feelin' fine,
- GeN

Friday, March 25, 2011

GeN receives a massage from Mari Yaguchi~!

Yesterday was the release day of Yakuza 4 and since i preordered it, i got myself some pretty neat swag. Let's go through 'em shall we?

A shot of everything: Box, game case, calendar, rice bowl and chopsticks (mouse not included).

Authentic Yakuza 4 rice bowl... mmm

Chopsticks with Yakuza 4 printed on the ends.
The lil' white box had the chopsticks inside it

The game case is a metal tin and has a clear plastic box that has the printed title and other stuff on it.

Inside the Hostess Calendar. To my understanding, some of the hostesses are base on real life hostesses. Rio, i think is one of them.

Here's the back of the calendar featuring the four main characters.

Right: The Ichiban Box that contained the rice bowl, chopsticks and calendar. The game was given separately
Left: errrr..... i-ignore that...